AETOS Deposit Trading Credits Promotion

Terms and Conditions

AETOS Markets (V) Ltd (“AETOS”) offers the Promotion defined hereunder to new and existing clients. (“You” or Your).

Subject to these terms and conditions, you may be entitled to an extra trading credit for each new deposit made into your trading account during the promotion period. The trading credits you can receive will be up to $10,000 in total. (the “Promotion”).

The promotion starts on  23 December 2023 at 22:00 GMT and ends on 23 March 2024 at 20:59 GMT (The “Promotion Period”).


To be eligible to participate in the Promotion, You must:

(a) be a natural person;

(b) be a resident of Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia;

(c) be over eighteen years of age or over the maturity in Your jurisdiction;

(d) having a live trading account with AETOS. and not subject to any dispute or default;

(e) such account(s) are always subject to AETOS’ Terms and Conditions;

(f) such account(s) have not been subject to any dispute or default;

(g) make deposits into your AETOS trading account during the Promotion Period (“Deposit”);

(h) Agree and comply with these Promotion Terms and Conditions;

(Collectively, the “Eligibility Requirements”)

For the avoidance of doubt, if You do not comply with the Eligibility Requirements, You will not be entitled to participate in this Promotion.


  • 4.1 During the promotion period, eligible clients can receive an extra trading credit for each new deposit made into trading account(s) according to the schedule set out below. The total amount of trading credit that each account holder can receive from the promotion will be capped at $10,000 in total.
  • Aggregated Deposit

    Trading Credit

    Upper Limit of Credit Rewards
    (Aggregated for each account holder)

    Tier 1 ≤ $ 250 30% of each deposit $75
    Tier 2 > $250 10% of each deposit $9,925
    Total amount: $10,000
  • 4.2 NOTE that after receiving trading credits, withdrawals from trading accounts will lead to the removal of trading credits correspondingly. The trading credit will be deducted according to the schedule as follows until all gifted credits have been removed.
  • Aggregated withdrawal amount

    Amount of Trading Credit Removal

    Tier 1 ≤ $ 250 30% of withdrawal amount
    Tier 2 > $250 10% of withdrawal amount
  • 4.3 Examples set out below to help you understand the calculation of trading credits under this promotion:
    • (1) Receiving trading credits
    • Here we provide a detailed explanation to how many credits that participant can receive with the aggregated deposit of $1,000 during the promotion period.
    • Aggregated deposit

      Trading Credits % Applied

      Credits Received

      $1,000 ($250 x 30% + $750 x 10%) $150
    • (2) Removal of credits after withdrawal
    • Here we provide a detailed explanation to how many credits will be removed if the participant requests for a $ 750 withdrawal during the promotion period.
    • Aggregated Deposit

      Credits Received

      Amount of Requested Withdrawal

      Amount of Credits Removal

      $1,500 $200 $750 $125
      ($250 x 30% + $500 x 10%)
  • 4.4 The trading credit can only be used as margin in your trading account and cannot be redeemed as cash for withdrawal purposes.
  • 4.5 The trading credit will only be applied to AETOS FX & CFDs trading account; AETOS Share CFDs trading account will not be subject for the Promotion.
  • 4.6 The trading credit will expire three months after the closing date of the Promotion Period (“Expiry Date”). Watch your account closely near the expiry date as it might lead to an automatically close-out of your opening positions. Fund your account if necessary to make sure there are sufficient margin deposits.
  • 4.7 Account balance available for withdrawal will always exclude any amount of trading credit granted.
  • 4.8 The removal and expiry of trading credit may lead to insufficient margin to maintain all open positions. Clients have the obligation to watch the account closely to ensure a sufficient margin to maintain the open positions and to manage the exposure risk. AETOS shall not be liable for any loss arising in connection with the Promotion.
  • 4.9 Only net deposits from external sources are taken into consideration. Internal transfer from any other AETOS accounts to participate in this promotion will not be calculated for trading credits.
  • 4.10 NOTE that the net deposit will less banks charge and negative balance (if any); Only net deposit amount that AETOS receives during the promotion period will be considered for the gifted credit calculation.
  • 4.11 IB income calculation basis will exclude any trading volume using gifted credits.
  • 4.12 The trading credit cannot be transferred to another account, redeemed to cash, or converted into any other gifts and services.
  • 4.13 This promotion is not available for PAMM account users.

5. $ refers to USD.

6. If you have multiple trading accounts with AETOS, you can only apply for trading credit under this Promotion for a maximum of one (1) account.


  • In situation that you have already satisfied all eligible requirements, you may register yourself to join this promotion by sending a request email to [email protected] and stating “Deposit Credit 2022” in the email subject. Please complete the registration before your 1st deposit that is meant to join this promotion, otherwise it will not be counted in the credit calculation.
    Once the registration is successful, trading credits will show in your account in 2 business days after each eligible deposit transaction until the upper limit of trading credits you can receive from this promotion ($10,000) has been reached.

8. This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion offered by AETOS.

  • For clients who have joined existing AETOS promotions including 1) AETOS General Account Welcome Bonus (“Welcome Bonus”), 2) Advanced Account New Client Cash Bonus (“Advanced Account Bonus”) and 3) AETOS 30% Deposit Credit Promotion (“30% Credit”), those clients can only join this Promotion in following situations that: 1) you have already redeemed the cash bonus under Welcome Bonus and Advanced Account Bonus after meeting the trading volume and deposit requirements; or 2) You declare to AETOS that you forfeit the rights under Welcome Bonus, Advanced Account Bonus, and 30% Credit, which means we will deduct trading credit you entitled under the relevant promotion conditions before approve your eligibility for this Promotion. You may do the declaration by sending an email to your account manager or to [email protected].


  • 9.1 You agree to indemnify, defend and hold AETOS harmless (including its directors, officers, employees and assigns) on written demand and at all times from and against any and all liability, fines, penalties, actions, judgement, settlement, claims, demands, losses, damages, injury, compensation, costs and expenses (including interest payments, reasonable legal fees on a solicitor/client basis, other professional fees and disbursements and costs of investigation and litigation) for or in respect of which AETOS will or may become liable by reason of or related or incidental to any act, default or omission and/or any breach of representation and warranty set forth herein by You under these Promotion Terms including without limitation resulting from or in relation to any breach, non-observance, act or omission whether negligent or otherwise.
  • 9.2 To the extent permitted by law, your rights to litigate, to seek injunctive relief or to any other recourse to judicial or any other procedure in case of disputes or claims resulting from or in connection with this Promotion are hereby excluded, and You expressly waive any and all such rights.


  • 10.1 AETOS expressly reserves the right to amend, supplement or modify the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. AETOS will notify you by sending a copy of the revised Terms and Conditions via email or any other digital communication channels. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms and Conditions for changes and amendments. The revised Terms and Conditions shall be effective immediately upon sending out.
  • 10.2 By choosing AETOS services and products, it is regarded that you agree to be bound by AETOS Terms and Conditions and Policies.
  • 10.3 Participation in any of the promotion or benefits offered by AETOS is subject to acceptance of our full Terms and Conditions.
  • 10.4 You agree that by enabling this Promotion and receiving trading credit that You have read, understood and accept the Promotion terms and conditions and will not send any claims/dispute to AETOS regarding terms of the promotion or measures undertaken by the AETOS in accordance with these terms.
  • 10.5 AETOS may, in its sole discretion, cancel, or reverse a reward if a payment is made in error.
  • 10.6 In the event that AETOS considers Your participation in this Promotion is, or is likely to be, in breach of these Promotion Terms, AETOS reserves the right, without prejudice to any other rights under the Promotion Terms, to immediately decline your eligibility for the Promotion. Such measures can be also undertaken by AETOS in case of suspecting any forms of the misuse the Promotion including but not limit to trading hedging through individual or multiple accounts.
  • 10.7 You are solely responsible for the payment of any and all taxes that may apply to Your participation in the Promotion. AETOS shall have the right, but not the obligation, to make any deductions and withholdings that AETOS deems necessary or desirable under applicable federal, and local tax laws, rules, regulations, codes or ordinances.
  • 10.8 AETOS may, at its sole discretion, provide You with translations of the Promotion Terms. The original English version shall be the only legally binding version for AETOS and You. In case of discrepancies between the original English version and other translations in Your possession, the original English version shall prevail.
  • 10.9 If the Promotion cannot be executed as planned, due to reasons beyond the control of AETOS, including (but not limited to) any problems or technical malfunction, or any applicable instrument being delisted or changed substantially, AEOTS shall incur no liability to You in connection with the Promotion.
  • 10.10 If any provision(s) of the Promotion Terms are held to be invalid or unenforceable, all remaining provisions hereof will remain in full force and effect.
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