AETOS Nigeria Market Gifts/Cash Rewards Promotion

Terms & Conditions

1. Promotion Period:
From 21:00 GMT on June 22, 2024 to 20:59 GMT on July 31, 2024.

2. Eligibility:
Both new and old clients depositing and trading with AETOS Markets (V) Ltd (AETOS) within the promotional period (“Eligible Client”). Gift redemptions are applicable for Nigeria clients only. In other African countries, clients are entitled to only cash reward.

3. Eligible Account Holders:

An Eligible Client is required to have a live trading account with AETOS (“Eligible Account”), and makes deposits that meets the corresponding deposit criteria into his/her Eligible Account (“Deposit”) within 7 calendar day## after participating in the promotion. The Eligible Clients who hold the Eligible Account are Eligible Account Holders.

4. Promotion Detail:
Within the promotional period, when the Eligible Account Holder meets the corresponding Deposit and 3 months’ trading volume requirement (“Trading”) criteria, the Eligible Account Holder can redeem the corresponding gifts/ cash rewards. Details are as follows.


Or Cash rewards

Deposit criteria#

Trading volume requirement
in 3 months
(standard lots)

Oraimo Watch 2
GPS Function Football Heatmap Smart Watch With 133 Training Modes




Samsung Galaxy A05
6.7" 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Android 13 (Light Green or Silver)




XIAOMI Redmi Note 13
- 6.67",6GB/128GB ROM,Android 13




DELL Latitude 3190 2in1 X360
INTEL PENTIUM, Touchscreen 512GB SSD 8GB WIN 11 Pro




Hp Probook 450 G7
Intel Core I3-8GB RAM/256GB SSD Fingerprint Wins 11 Pro




Hp EliteBook 840 G6
Intel Core I5 Touchscreen 16GB RAM/1TB SSD




Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G
- 6.8" - 256GB




Apple IPhone 15 Pro Max
256GB - Nano Sim (or Apple IPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB)




Apple MacBook Air 15" Laptop
- M2 Chip - 8GB Memory - 512GB SSD




# Deposit criteria refer to the accumulated net deposit within 7 calendar day## after participating the promotion.
## One calendar day means from 21:00 GMT of the previous day to 20:59 GMT of the current day (summer time), and 22:00 GMT of the previous day to 21:59 GMT of the current day (winter time).

5. Requirement:

  • 1)To participate in this promotion, Eligible Account Holder can use any of the payment methods provided by AETOS. However, internal transfer from any other AETOS accounts will not be computed towards meeting the Deposit criteria.
  • 2)AETOS will take into consideration both the Deposit and Trading criteria in its gifts/ cash rewards determination and will always apply the lower qualifying level. Deposits contributing to the Deposit criteria is calculated as the net deposit amount in the Eligible Account during the promotion period. If the client makes any withdrawal or transfer before achieving the requested trading volume during the promotion period, the gifts/ cash rewards levels will be reduced accordingly.
  • Example 1: Client A makes a USD 7,000 deposit and completed 210 trading lots within 3 months of account activation. Client can exchange for the corresponding gift/ cash reward level of gift (Hp EliteBook 840 G6) or Cash Reward (USD 750). However, if client only completes 130 trading lots within 3 months of account activation, client would only be allowed to exchange for the corresponding gift/ cash reward level of Gift (DELL Latitude 3190 2in1 X360) or Cash Reward (USD 400).

    Example 2: Client B deposits USD 7,000 and withdraws USD 2,000 within the 3 months of account activation, the gift or reward level will correspondingly decrease to the level of Hp Probook 450 G7. Further to that, client will still need to complete the corresponding trading lots required for the Hp Probook 450 G7 to exchange for the gifts or reward.

  • 3)The Deposit criteria will be calculated according to the actual clear fund AETOS received as there may be slight difference in the funds paid by Eligible Clients towards deposits into Eligible Account and the actual funds received by AETOS due to the respective bank commission charges imposed.
  • 4)Existing clients participating in this promotion are required to first settle their bonuses previously obtained. When client has satisfied the corresponding Deposit and Trading criteria, client can exchange for the applicable level of Gifts/Rewards.
  • 5)Promotion is not valid in conjunction with other current promotional activities. Clients are required to choose which promotion they would like to join after they have deposited funds.
  • 6)The currency unit of this promotion ("$") is based on the currency of the trading account, which is the US dollar.

6. Exchangeable Gifts or Cash Rewards:

  • 1) Clients who have met the deposit and trading volume criteria can apply for the Gifts or Rewards via email at   AETOS will check the applicant’s eligibility.
  • 2) Each Eligible Account Holder can participate in the promotion and redeem a gift/rewards (1) time only. Upon successful redemption, the client will not be eligible to participate in the promotion again.
  • 3) AETOS will purchase the corresponding gifts for eligible clients as soon as possible but will not be able to guarantee the time when clients may receive the gifts or whether the colours, functions and other specifications of the gifts. Once gifts are sent, AETOS accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage of the gifts.
  • 4) AETOS will check the eligibility of clients who apply for this promotion. Eligible clients will receive the cash rewards in their trading accounts which can be used for trading or withdrawals.
  • 5) AETOS reserves the rights to reject clients’ request for gifts and proceed to reward clients with corresponding cash rewards instead contains but not limited to any of the following situations occurs: (1) the gift is out of stock in the Nigeria market; (2) the gift is priced at a substantial premium in the Nigeria market, (3) the Nigerian naira exceeds 0.00092 against the US dollar.
  • 6) The gifts or rewards are considered personal offer, based on specific terms, and may not be transferred from one account to the other.

7. Trading Volume Requirements:

  • 1) The trading volume in the Trading Criteria is calculated as per closed trade.
  • 2) The 9 levels of in the Trading Criteria correspond with each level of Deposit Criteria with corresponding exchangeable gifts/ cash rewards.
  • 3) The trading volumes are calculated for Eligible Account only. Only one account can be used for the calculation of trading volume requirements. Aggregation of accounts is not allowed.
  • 4) Share CFDs and cryptocurrency CFDs will not be included in the trading volume requirement calculation.
  • 5) If client is not able to fulfil the trading requirement within the 3 months period, the client is deemed to have withdrawn from the promotion.

8. General Terms and Conditions

  • 1) AETOS expressly reserves the right to amend, supplement or modify the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice. The amended Terms and Conditions will be posted and made available on AETOS website. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms and Conditions for changes and amendments. The revised Terms and Conditions shall be effective immediately upon posting.
  • 2) By choosing AETOS services and products, it is regarded that you agree to be bound by AETOS Terms and Conditions and Policies.
  • 3) Participation in any of the promotions or benefits offered by AETOS is subject to acceptance of our full Terms & Conditions.
  • 4) By joining this promotion and receiving gifts/ cash rewards the Client confirms that, client has read, understood, and fully agreed to the terms of the promotion and will not send any claims/dispute to AETOS regarding terms of use or measures undertaken by the AETOS in accordance with these terms.
  • 5) Only one account is eligible to participate in this promotion per Eligible Account Holders by meeting the stated criteria and requirements.
  • 6) The promotion is available for individual clients only.
  • 7) AETOS reserves the rights to disqualify any participant who intends to tamper or violate the terms and conditions of the promotion.
  • 8) To prevent misuse of the promotion AETOS reserves the right without warning, at any time at its discretion: to refuse to grant the gift/ cash reward or ration the gift/ cash reward. Such measures can also be undertaken by AETOS if it suspects one and the same person is obtaining gifts/ cash rewards from several interdependent Accounts.
  • 9) Interest-free accounts opened with AETOS are not eligible for this promotion.
  • 10) AETOS reserves the final interpretation right of this promotion.

This Promotion should not be treated as an incentive for investors and should not be a consideration factor in investor’s investment decision-making process. 

Investors are strongly recommended to seek independent financial advisor and should always consider the suitability and appropriateness of a product or service in light of their own objectives, financial situation and needs before making any investment decisions.

Trading margin FX and CFDs carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. Investors may lose more than their initial investment. Please ensure that you read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), and Terms and Conditions which can be obtained on AETOS website, and fully understand the risks involved before deciding to acquire any of the financial products and services AETOS provides. AETOS Markets (V) Ltd,  a wholly owned subsidiary of AETOS Capital Group, is incorporated in Vanuatu and licensed with Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (license no. 700450) to provide financial services.

The information is not intended to serve or be used by residents from Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore or any other country or jurisdiction where such distribution or use would be contrary to local law or regulation.

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